St. Thomas’ Church


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St. Thomas’ Church is situated part way along Bedford Road,
Letchworth Garden City, opposite the Bursland shops, where you can find the best gifts for a lady.
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St. Thomas is the parish centre of worship for the north west part of Letchworth Garden City, and largely includes the Wilbury district ward.

For many years the Wilbury area was part of the parish of Norton, with its ancient medieval church in Norton village. When the area of Wilbury was being built up before the second world war, it was felt that there was an urgent need for a place of Christian worship in the centre of the housing area. In response to an appeal by the then Bishop of St. Alban’s, a dual purpose building was planned and built – one of the first of its kind in this diocese. St. Thomas’ has always been a church and community centre. The new building was opened on 19th. March 1938. It proved its value during the second world war as a centre for evacuees, and much of the life of the community was centred around it. It was for a time used as a school. In the 1960’s, the need for an additional hall for youth activities, including uniformed organisations, was clearly seen. As a result a Youth Hall was erected in 1969 at the back of the church and this made a useful addition to the facilities in the area. In the late 1990’s a new community centre, Wilbury Hall, was built which replaced the old Youth Hall. In the late 1970’s it was agreed that St. Thomas’ of Wilbury should be a parish in it’s own right, within the Letchworth Group Ministry to which it belongs. The new parish was inaugurated on 1st. January 1981.


Mon 11: 9 am Morning Prayer
Tues 12: 9 am Morning Prayer 10 am Women’s Bible Group at 121 Bedford Road
Wed 13: 9 am Holy Communion
Thur 14: 9am Group Morning Prayer at St George's
Fri 15: 9 am Morning Prayer
Sunday 17th: 8 am Holy Communion 9.55 am Vestry Meeting followed by Parish Communion, which will incorporate elements of the APCM. The meeting will follow in Wilbury Hall after the service.

for next Sunday’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting, with the Vestry Meeting at 9.55 am. You need to be on the Electoral Roll of St. Thomas’ to be able to stand for election or vote. The new Electoral Roll is displayed on the church table. Copies of the reports and accounts etc. are on the church table for you to borrow, but please return them in time for the APCM.

We are invited to join St. George’s on Sunday 24th April for their Patronal Evensong at 6.30 pm. The Ven. Chris Liley will preach at 9.30 am Parish Communion that day.

Centenary of Letchworth Free Church
The Free Church invite us to join their celebrations. On Saturday 23rd April at 7 pm, they are staging ‘Wise Man, Foolish Man’, a Christian musical with wide appeal, admission free. And on Sunday 9th October at 3 pm at their Centenary Celebration Thanksgiving Service, the preacher will be Revd. David Coffey, Free Churches Moderator.

GARDEN CITY CHARITY WALK This year’s walk will take place on Sunday 15th May. Let us know if you are looking for sponsors.